"The Various Stages of the Spiritual Experience" 8-Tape Set

Imagine yourself sitting in misty Asia living and studying with a famous enlightened Zen, Buddhist, Taoist and Esoteric master (with quite a few other skills). You give up your American friends, family, status and money to do it. The suffering is immense and with time, having grown up in the West, your whole world view is expanded, widened, altered. You're not just there for a day...or a week... or a month but for YEARS.

You spend years learning the language, the vocabulary, how to meditate and how to deal with people, how to master various skills and how to put them into practice. Years mastering kung-fu and listening to teachings on medicine, martial arts, Buddhism, Taoism, yoga, political strategy, virtue, business, sex, mental problems, evil, ghosts, the Bible, protect gods,... anything and everything. You travel Asia far and wide and see things people never see, hear things they never hear and do things they never do.

Would you give up $200,000 a year on Wall Street to do that (when $200K meant something) not for one year but for 5... and then 10... and then 15 years? Would you do that, forgo your income and culture, status and so on, and then go further and catalog all that information, expand it, verify it by reading over 3,000 esoteric books (the deep stuff, not the trivial New Age nonsense) that put footnotes on it and then make it openly available to others who really want it so that they don't have to spend a decade and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars wasting their time... and DEARLY suffering to learn these materials? Of course you want that information, but would you spend 10 years of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn it (just a single trip to Asia costs me $3000 on up!)?

With that as a background, you should understand that I've written a lot of books to make this information available, help people and ultimately assist my country. In 25 Doors to Meditation I eventually wrote about more than 25 different meditations anyone can use -- regardless of your religious calling-- to cultivate the genuine states of spiritual progress that all the genuine religions want you to attain. This was to help all the New Age people dying for real spiritual methods and tired of crystals, channeling, shamans and so forth.

In Meditation for Beautiful Skin and my Detox book, I also taught a variety of easy to follow but highly effective meditations and showed how to use commonly available nutritional supplements to rejuvenate and cleanse the body for quicker progress on the spiritual path. My purpose was to help you learn how to use the supplements and medicines available today to help cure internal disease that's breeding inside, clean your body, reduce your risks of cancer and heart disease, and enable meditation progress to happen quicker (because the earliest stages of the path all have to deal with purification--pushing poisons out of the body through natural chi energy circulations that you ignite).

In Socrates and the Path to Enlightenment, I showed that the one Westerner who was the pivotal founder of our philosophical system had achieved the Tao, and explained what it meant to "realize the Tao" and become enlightened. In that book, I also revealed how to inculcate cultivation in a nation's education system to build the nation and create better citizens. My purpose was to create a book for the education system that showed that the entire house of leaning cards was built on Socrates, but interpreted him incorrectly; if we fix the leaning of that stack of cards, the entire course of Western culture should then regain its original cultivation emphasis. All this talk in universities of philosophy, and they don't teach that real philosophy is self-cultivation. I tried to remedy that with the Socrates materials.

In my book on Kuan Tzu, I focused on the one sage whose writings were relevant to our modern day world of globalization (no it ain't Lao Tzu, Mencius, Chuang Tzu or Confucius). I also revealed how to use cultivation principles to manage and market and determine strategy and tactics in the world today, and how leaders should rely on virtue, morality and the Tao to manage cities, companies or countries to a state of prosperous excellence. I even revealed how you could put yourself in line with the Tao and use certain mega-strategies to become the king or most prominent individual in a country in order to save it. This is the antidote to Machaivellian politics, or pure Sun Tzu tactics that are based on greed and power. Later I'll be writing a book on how to make a coutnry rich, based on thw writings of the sages, and the 60-year investment cycle for families who want to create generational wealth. All of this is based on statistics, human behavior, the teachings of the sages and cultivation.

In my Unique Selling Proposition book, I supplied entrepreneurs and businessmen with 10 ways to determine the foundational principles of their business by which they will succeed or fail in the market place. This is STEP ONE in marketing a business, or even in determining whether you should be in a business in the first place, so I created a book to help businessmen with the very first no-miss step of the process of entrepreneurship, and incorporated cultivation teachings into the mix. While I'm putting together Apprenticeship manuals and further marketing materials for businesses (top secret stuff), they're on hold for the moment due to lack of time even though they are necessary for the US since it's losing it's manufacturing capabiltities, and therefore this is the need of the future at a fundamental level.

I wrote a Radiation Detoxification book in case there ever is a nuclear accident, dirty bomb explosion or nuclear war because the government spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year in research telling us that (1) radiation is bad and (2) it can kill you but nothing, virtually nothing on what to do if you are exposed to radioactive debris, such as the depleted uranium dusts our soldiers are exposed to in the Persian Gulf. So I took it upon myself -- as a national service priority -- to produce the only book in existence that tells you how to detox radioactive residues from your body. My in-process book on hydroponics gardening also serves in that direction and my book on Antibiotic Alternatives -- because they one day will fail -- also brings together paradigm breaking methods for killing viruses, fungus, and bacterial infections that big medicine overlooks because there's no money to be made in these techniques. The same goes for my unfinished manuscript on Interpreting Your Bloodwork -- it will pave the way for millions to know WHICH nutritional supplements they should buy or avaoid based on their blood chemistry readings. If I can get a bodyworker to co-author with me, I'll finish a book on how to combine nutritional supplements with the bodywork field to open up an entirely new field of alternative medicine.

In the Insider's Guide to the Best and Worst Spiritual Paths and Practices, I asked Master Nan to speak on how the various cultivation traditions of the world (Zen, Tibetan Tantra, Brahmanism, etc.) went wrong and how you must avoid the same mistakes if you want to make true spiritual progress with your meditation efforts. This is must-have information that everyone neglects. Most everything you see today being taught as proper meditation or as a proper spiritual/cultivation path was discreditied and discarded by numerous sages because what's taught today usually isn't the right way.

In How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization ("Measuring Meditation"), we focused on case studies and analyzing people who somewhat succeeded in their cultivation, with detailed instructions on achieving samadhi and high stage kung-fu, on interpreting it as well as how to cultivate correctly. People all write books on cultivation but cannot interpret anyone's kung-fu at all since they don't have any, so I remedied that with this book and showed how you use the highest level teachings to measure someone's stage of spiritual progress.

In White Fat Cow, I told you how you can actually use cultivation to actually change your fortune and destiny and create whatever future you wish in life. This is first real NEW positive help, self development, personal growth book since Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich and it can be used for business, or just for personal self development. To cultivate is one thing, but to bring it into your daily life with purpose, and show you how to use it to create the life you want is the purpose of this work, which no one has ever tackled before. In my lectures on the education system (Powerpoint format) for children, I showed how they should be taught this information to have fuller lives rich with culture, experience, success and fulfillment. While I have a number of children's education books on the drawing board, and a book on determining your life purpose, who can say whether they'll ever get done. One has little time to both research, produce, market and distribute all these things as a one man show.

I could go on and on because I've written quite a few other books and have more coming to help instill cultivation in business, in science, in Christianity and so on... and to help contribute to the US at the fundamental ground-roots level, but the point is that there isn't a big market for these materials (sex sells, "get rich" sells and entertainment sells but those aren't what I offer), and it takes years to write these types of books. So what do I do? The desire to help is there, but this is not something that can support a living that I can justify it. Furthermore, I have so many other works I want to produce, but not enough time to work on them, so who knows if they'll ever get done, especially when they hardly make any money (so what's the reason to write them if no one reads them).

That leaves me in a pickle because I desperately want to offer this information, and you're in a pickle because you may never get it if I don't have the time or resources to produce it.

Perhaps my piece de resistance -- which I personally feel is destined to change the world when it does get published (go read the reviews) -- is my The Various Stages of the Spiritual Experience, which is nearly 1000 pages already and still climbing.

It will be years before I ever release the contents of this material in book form since so many volumes go into it (only my Stages students get an inkling of its true size), so I only take on personal students to transmit this material. The problem is that I'm running out of time to do even this, therefore I wanted to make some other option available to reveal this material that teaches the very basics of the cultivation path and how to link most every cultivation school and schema out there with one another.

This stuff goes well past what Ken Wilbur did for transpersonal psychology, because this is a cross-denominational, full scale topological mapping of the stages of spiritual progress past the mundane realm.... and we use all sorts of religions, mystical systems and cultivation schools to do it. After you hear this material, you'll be able to pick up a spiritual book by almost any school, know what stage of cultivation they are talking about, and whether they are right, wrong, or somehow heading astray.

That's how powerful this material is!

In my The Various Stages of the Spiritual Experience ("Stages") tape set course of 8 one-hour tapes, I've put together endless details linking together the various stages of the spiritual path using cultivation teachings from all sorts of traditions -- the five macro stages of the path inherent in true religions, jing-chi-shen transformations of the physical body, astral bodies, the heavenly realms reached through cultivation, the five skandhas, transforming the five elements of the body, the various levels of consciousness, tantric yoga practice (the Esoteric school), Zen and Mahamudra, the stages of samadhi and dhyana, descriptions of superpowers and paranormal events, and the proper behavior of the cultivation path (because it all comes down to compassionate behavior IN the world rather than escaping from it). A short list of the contents covered is as follows, but see the Stages page for details:

Lesson 1: The Five General Stages of the Spiritual Path
1. The Stage of Study (wisdom) and Virtue (Merit making)
2. The Stage of Intensified Yoga Practices
3. Seeing the Tao
4. The Stage of True Cultivation Practice
5. The Stage of Perfect and Complete Enlightenment

Lesson 2: "Gong-fu" Transformations Within the Physical Body
Jing-chi-shen transformations, cultivating chi and shen, and the time periods required for these transformations. Transforming the five elements of the physical body.

Lesson 3: Breaking Through the Five Aggregates of Experience
1. The skandha of Form
2. The skandha of Sensation
3. The skandha of Conception
4. The skandha of Volition
5. The skandha of Consciousness

Lesson 4: Ranking the Heavenly Realms and Various Classes of Sentient Beings
1. The Desire Realm and its inhabitants
2. The Form Realm and its heavenly beings
3. The Formless Realm and its heavenly beings

Lesson 5: The Nine Meditative Realms of Dhyana and Samadhi,
The characteristics and how to achieve the four dhyana, the four formless absorptions (Samadhi), the Arhat's nirvana with remainder, the Bodhisattva bhumis.

Lesson 6: Eight Different Levels of Consciousness

1. The Sixth Consciousness
2. The Shadow side or "du-yin" (solitary consciousness) of the sixth consciousness
3. The Seventh Consciousness
4. The Alaya Storehouse Consciousness, or 8th consciousness

Lesson 7: Spiritual Progress as Measured by Esoteric Phenomena
Real Tibetan tantra (this is the real Esoteric school) and Esoteric teachings on the empties and blisses and stages of the chi entering the central channel.

Lesson 8: Proficiency in Skillful Means and the Exercise of Bodhisattva Compassion
Confucian, Socratic, Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu and other ideals on compassionate behavior, life purpose and exhibiting your Tao (your stage of cultivation achievement) in the world of phenomena and men.

Now I cannot promise that you'll understand this deep material because it doesn't come with any written materials other than the free download at the bottom of the STAGES page. Learning this material requires commitment to learning a new vocabulary that most people aren't equipped with. It requires an inquiring and intelligent mind ready, able and willing to absorb this material. It requires a substantial investment of money (though of course a fraction of what I normally charge tutored students who get coaching and business and nutritional consultations as well, and what it would cost you for even one trip to Asia or one set of good books on spiritual cultivation).

However, I do have it finally available (in eight jam-packed cassette tapes) and as a trial, I'm offering these tapes for a limited time period . Maybe I'll continue to offer them after November of 2005, and maybe not, but if I were you I wouldn't take the risk because it really is a hassle for me to produce these things. There's no big hype or sales message on this other than to say to go read the Stages materials now, and if you like what you read, then consider obtaining this tape set while I still offer it.

Just be warned, I offer TONS more information than you're expecting and this isn't a studio recorded set of perfect tapes like the TV show, 60 minutes, but it's the best I can do with the professional equipment I purchased to do these for you. If you've ever wondered what all those stages of spiritual achievement were, and how they related to one another, and why this particular spiritual school has this or talks this way and that school has that and talks another way, then here's your chance to finally answer these nagging questions and link together nearly Everything you've been reading about in the field of spiritual cultivation for decades.

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