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I just got this eBOOK - having studied other works from Bill and knew this would be an indepth work - IT IS !!!

This looks like an entire library of material - I am in my Sixties and have been exposed to various teachers over the years - such as Swami Muktananda. The material I get from Bill always has a truely authentic essence! His guidance feels like a reliable compass that always points TRUE!!

It is NOT the length of the material (tho that is impressive) but the TRUTH of the material that creates its VALUE !

Don't let the PRICE keep you from this spiritual "education" - If you think Education is expensive, try ignorance! That is more costly - in terms of lost time, money, life force!

Josh Logan
Carson City, Nevada


I am reading Bill Bodri's book, "Measuring Meditation" ... and have read "Best and Worst" ... and have practiced the Skeleton Meditation, for just a short while. I have learned among other things about the nature of chi and consciousness and have found support to what I have previously experienced which is that emptiness meditations are great energizers, and have felt effects in the [chi] channels from their practice. I have also experienced in the short time with the skeletal meditation the eruption and clearing away of rashes. In the past, I have also practiced chi kung trying to guide the chi into the channels and guiding it through the system. I have always found though, that the emptiness meditations have led to deeper energetic experiences.

For me it has been important to have read the traditional views on this, intergrated in this nondenominational way. I find that it has deepened my practice even more.

I never thought I would get such a clear explanation about the transformation bodies outside of joining some Dzogchen group, but now I see they are the fruit of mature practice of and realization of wisdom, prajna. or of emptiness and contemplation and that their realization occurs in all traditions, and that the chapter in Measuring on the Five Aggregates is pivotal in seeing how realizing the Tao goes beyond the realization of the emptiness of self, and how there is more to cultivation than a spantaneous awakening to the now.

William Cranstoun,


HOW TO MEASURE AND DEEPEN YOUR SPIRITUAL REALIZATION is THE technical manual for cultivators. It is a virtual Rosetta Stone of spiritual cultivation principles, relating the various terminologies from Taoism, the Buddhist traditions, Confucianism and western religious canons into a coherent whole. If you aren't clear how the various descriptions of the spiritual experience relate to each other and to your own meditative practice you need to read this book! It bridges the gap between practical meditation and theoretical principles.

John Newtson
New York


"If you're a beginner at meditation and spiritual practice, you'll probably balk at the price of this manual and then end up buying hundreds or thousands of dollars of books and seminars and conferences and workshops over the years. Then, because you've spent so much money and found you wasted it, only then will you be able to justify the price of this work. Cut your pain short and BUY IT NOW!!! Once you pour into it after you've had all this exposure and experience and built up a library (look at your shelf alread), you'll realize how much time and money you wasted ... absolutely WASTED on all that other stuff and will appreciate these contents for what they are worth. You cannot get this material, especially the samadhi and esoteric school chapters and case studies (I've never seen them in print elsewhere) ANYWHERE on the planet.

But as a beginner, I guarantee you just don't know how lucky you are to get this material and have it available -- true, real cultivation teachings that cover nearly every school and are really non-denominational yet DEEP with content, instructions, teachings. You can get everything here in one fell swoop because this manual is hundreds of books, and it's the real stuff. In buying this manual you're saving I don't know how much money and getting lessons and information that isn't in print even in Indian or Tibetan or Taoist works (I know, I've checked). If you pass this up I can only think of two reasons which is because you think it's expensive (it's not) or you think you'll find the info elsewhere in some collection of 5-10 $20 or $30 books. Dream on.

In my opinion after reading non-denominational spiritual materials of quite a few traditions for nearly 30 years, it would take 100-150 books just to scratch the contents of this manual. And if you're afraid to order because it's an ebook, welcome to the 21st century and get with it. This thing must be the size of three or four phone books if it were printed, and storing it on a CD or whatever will let it last forever and let you share it with family and friends without worrying your hard copy gets lost or doesn't come back. Can't download an ebook or are worried about it? Geez, just go to google, type in any word with "pdf" next to it, and click on the link. What downloads is an ebook! It's just that simple. If you're not getting this material because it's in ebook format you're just insane and as Bodri says, you just lack the "wisdom and merit" to get this high class information." I hope you're not in that category. This stuff is a blessing in disguise and I would rush to get it before any of these guys croak (God forbid) and the site goes down."

Robert Dane


I am Harry and I have been walking the spiritual path for more than 15 years using techniques as taught by Taoist Masters and Buddhist monks of the Theravada tradition. I have experienced various bodily sensations, bliss and visions but could not find any reliable information to establish the status of my progress or how to handle these experiences in order to advance into the next level until I read this amazing book “How to Measure and deepen Your Spiritual Realization” by Master Huai-Chin Nan and William Bodri.

I am very satisfied with the material in this book and I personally vouch that this is one of the most authoritative and exhaustive spiritual book that I have ever possessed out of my library of more than 80 hard copies and 50 electronic books on spiritual cultivation of various traditions.

This book is packed with tons of valuable information that I have decided to read it from cover to cover a few more times in order to completely absorb and digest the material. Basing on the quality of the information in this book, I have also decided to sign up for Bill’s Stage Course as soon as possible.

Finally, I would not hesitate to recommend this book to my friends or anyone seeking the path of spiritual realization.

Harry Pain


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