Internal Martial Arts

Many martial artists, and Taoists who don't practice martial arts, want to know how to practice nei-gong, also known as nei-kung, neigong or internal alchemy. Martial artists don't realize that the path of qi-gong to nei-gong is the path to increase martial arts skills, and is paralleled by the meditation practices of advanced Buddhist, Vajrayana, Taoist, and yoga adherents. You start upon this road by matching your breathing with your external movements until you can cultivate your internal energy.

If you practice Tai Chi, Hsing-i, Ba Gua, Aikido, Shaolin Kung Fu, and other wushu martial arts that stress the use of internal energies, this is the one book that will reveal how to enter this field of practice without complicated explanations that require you to memorize energy meridians or do strange practices for hours on end. Not only this, but the book contains many teachings for how to increase your skills from the fields of bodywork, supplements and peak performance training, and information on how sexual relations help or hurt martial arts practice at the level of nei-gong.

The gist of the book, however, is how to train for superhuman feats through nei-gong, and explains why they become possible. In many old martial arts films you often see a master able to make doubles of his body, fly through the air, strike with incredible force, slice objects at a distance using a sword, and many other miracles. Yes, such things are possible, but will you cultivate to that level? To do so you need to develop the subtle body or deva body, and to do that you need to cultivate your chi (Qi), and to do that you need to cultivate internal energy to open up all your chi channels.

"I recently purchased the E-book Internal Martial Arts Nei-gong Cultivating Your Inner Energy toRaise Your Martial Arts to the Next Level. I did not receive what had expected from the book. I actually got quite a bit more! Which was a huge surprise considering I have been through more than a few books on Internal Martial Arts. Instead of techniques for Martial Arts, this book has concepts that actually make the martial forms I practice more potent so to speak. Many things sort of "clicked" when I started training and focused on the ideas presented here in. This is not like most of the books on Internal Martial Arts out there. The ideas on emptiness I read reminded me so much of Takuan's The Unfettered Mind and actually elucidated many of the concepts he proposed that had been previously beyond my understanding. Thanks for the great read that I can "sit" with for many years to come!" -- Martin Stoklosa

The Chinese Taoists say such capabilities become possible if the master practices special exercises to cultivate his inner energy, also known as kundalini or yang chi (qi). Buddhism says the same. Many schools in India also assert this possibility, and cultivation schools in other countries and traditions say so as well. In fact, modern science is only stubbornly starting to acknowledge the capabilities of advanced martial artists, but these exceptional skills are still not at the level of true nei-gong mastery, which this book explains.

The cultivation of this inner energy for martial arts, and its connection with meditation schools and their particular cultivation techniques, is never made clear. Usually people explain so many chi channels and forceful methods that complicate the process and muddy the basic principles. Monks who practice Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu tantric yoga, and other esoteric schools can all cultivate such abilities, so these paths and their essential simplicity are linked to martial arts practice in this book.

Some practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing-Yi, Ba Gua Zhang, Five Animals, Aikido, Karate, Judo, Northern Shaolin, and other Kung Fu Wushu traditions have damaged their bodies from their martial arts practice, or have reached a training plateau or plateau in skills level, and this book offers a variety of methods to help them heal their injuries and take their skills to the next level. The methods offered do not just belong to the fields of qi-gong (chi-kung, chi-gong, qigong) and nei-gong but touch upon the field of sports psychology, massage and nutrition, so there is practical information on various vitamin-mineral supplements, detoxification routines, and bodywork therapies that can help heal martial arts injuries and lead to improved skills even if the nei-gong route of internal martial arts energies and gong-fu is not mastered..

Most of all, however, this book explains the major practices on how to properly cultivate nei-gong safely to achieve all these objectives. Finally the process is de-mystified as most teaching texts miss th ebasic principles. The information in these pages was usually considered the high "secrets" of martial arts lineages taught only to the top students and forbidden to outsiders. It explains how to cultivate the mythical martial arts through the initial practice of qi-gong, and then inner nei-gong exercises after the sushumna central channel and macrocosmic orbit is opened. It goes over such cultivation practices such as anapana, pranayama, one-pointed visualization, kasina meditations, and sexual cultivation as well. There is information applicable to Iron Palm, Iron Shirt or Dim Mak techniques and so many other areas of martial arts training that it is now considered a foundational training classic.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Two Basic Approaches
Chapter 2: Core Practices for Developing Inner Power: Anapana, Pranayama and Visualization Practice
Chapter 3: The Role of Sex in Chi Development: Celibacy and Sex on the Path of Inner Gong-fu
Chapter 4: The Mythical Martial Arts - Are They Really Possible?
Chapter 5: Modern Training Secrets for Perfecting Ancient Skills
Chapter 6: How to Speed Up the Process: Detoxification Supplements for Cleansing the Body
Chapter 7: Final Questions and Answers



Yes! I want to get the paperback book on "Internal Martial Arts Nei-gong" right now.I understand this is one of a kind information that has traditionally been considered the secret teachings level of many martial arts.