"A Dozen Ways to Meditate " 4-Tape Set

I broke down, I caved in, I gave up....

For years people have begged me to produce a set of tapes on How to Meditate. For years I said, "No, because it takes me just 5 minutes to teach you how to meditate. The rest is just practice."

So for the longest time, with that as my reasoning, I refused to create a tape set on meditation instructions. "How to Meditate" had to wait.

However, after years of nagging, bugging, and pleading from so many people, I finally caved in. The demand from people was just too great despite what I told them. They kept telling me they wanted more.

I said to myself, "If I'm finally going to do this, I might as well produce something of extremely high value... not just about meditation and how to meditate but about all sorts of details of the spiritual path that people are missing. Details that will give you a complete outline and overview of what climbing the spiritual ladder is all about. Secrets that would take years to learn from an experienced meditation master, such as Zen Master Nan Huai-Chin. Information you cannot find in books or other courses. Useful information. Practical information. Lots of information. Not just information on how to meditate, but on everything connected with it that you need to know.

Information that corrects most of the mistaken notions you find bandied about by modern day New Agers, yoga enthusiasts, qi-gongers and all sorts of other folks. Information on the real practice of the spiritual path. Information so useful that with any meditation method or spiritual path you choose to follow, you'll know how to guide yourself and practice correctly."

I figured that if I was going to make these tapes, I might as well put in not just how to meditate, but what NOT to do, and how the whole thing fits together. As the sound technician for the Learning Annex afterwards said when he was sent to attend a lecture I gave on how to meditate, "Man, I attend a lot of these things and everyone else I've ever heard has just nothing to offer but fluff. Dude, you really, really know your stuff. This is the real deal."

Just take a look at some of the contents you'll find within these lessons:

The 5 Stages of the Spiritual Path ... and why some religions "ain't gonna save you" because they're missing the necessary steps

Meditation Seeing the light, Transforming into a Sun or Sunshine

Tao School Basics:  the jing-chi-shen transformations involved in all spiritual paths, and what that means for your personal practice

Meditation The White Skeleton meditation ... and a warning about the superpowers that come from practicing it  ... and 5 Element Cultivation

The Time Sequences of the Spiritual Path and Physical Kung-fu (Gong-fu) Transformations that everyone should expect, regardless of your religious affiliation or spiritual path

Cultivation Method 9-bottled wind Pranayama ... the most powerful breathing practice I know of

Detoxifying your body for the spiritual path...supplements to take and practices to follow

Meditation -- 4 Different Mantra methods ... the Amitofo, Avalokitesvara, Zhunti and Vairocana mantras

Meditation 2 Meditations for Cancer and 2 for High Blood Pressure

Chi and Consciousness are linked ... that's what mind-body science refuses to say and what psychoneuroimmunology fails to mention

Meditation Basic Cessation-contemplation practice ... the basis of virtually ALL true spiritual methods (and they never told you that, did they?)

The Various stages of samadhi

Meditation -- Dream Yoga and Lucid Dreaming

The Various heavens and realms of existence, and how they match with samadhi

Meditation Sexual Cultivation, Sexual Yoga Don'ts and Kundalini Cultivation

So there you have it. A set of meditation lessons which people forced me into recording. And because I didn't want to do it, I decided that if I'm going to make it, it's not going to be ordinary but JAMMED FULL with insights that have taken me 20-30 years to learn.

Everything you want to ask about meditation is probably in these tapes, so order now while they're still available.

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