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White Fat Cow: How to Change Your Life, Fortune and Destiny Through Merit and Meditation Consistent 5 star rave reviews

How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization "Measuring Meditation" is Super Highly Recommended (like 500 books in one) $97

How to Clean Your Arteries and Detox Your Body for the Road of Spiritual Cultivation

Kuan Tzu's Supreme Secrets for the Global CEO - This is the foremost geopolitical strategist of ancient China)

FREE - Radioactivity and Radiation Exposure Self-Help Guide - Unedited DRAFT - written in 2004 before the Fukushima crisis

FREE - How to Reverse Your Cataracts Naturally -- 5 Ways to Do It

FREE DOWNLOAD - Bodhisattva Yoga- 5 Stars - Available until the book is published

FREE DOWNLOAD - Wisdom I-Ching - Unedited Draft version of a new translation of the I-Ching available until published


Too Much EMF.com - I interviewed the oldest USA distributor (and his staff) of anti-EMF devices for 12 hours to come up with this short list of anti-EMF and radiation products for your cellphone, home and office

Karma Calculator.com - Incredible ancient Chinese astrology reading that actually tells you events for the year. We all use it.

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Arhat Yoga

Arhat Yoga is a summary of the methods used to attain Moksha, liberation or enlightenment that actually involves the attainment of four higher spiritual bodies, which is secretly accomplished by the yogis, masters, saints and sages of all religions. These are the subtle, Causal, Supra-Causal and Immanence bodies that correspond to the deva eyes, wisdom eyes, dharma eyes and Buddha eyes mentioned in the Diamond Sutra. These transcendental bodies, which are the reason that saints can exhibit miraculous superpowers, correspond to the dhyana attainments of enlightenment popularized by Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism. This is the first book to explain the twelve-year kundalini transformation process that all enlightened adepts go through after sufficient meditation practice in order to attain the first of these bodies. The process involves various processes that purify your body's Yang Qi and Yin Qi, which is often painful for individuals. It revolutionizes the cultivation practice routines for both individuals and the monastics of all traditions so that you can actually reach enlightenment in this very life, and also sets forth the personality transformation techniques necessary to merit enlightenment. It especially offers a new training model for those within the Zen, Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist traditions. It summarizes in one book the meaning of self-realization, the 20-year teaching curriculum of Tibetan Vajrayana, and also reveals the most effective Qi/Prana nei-gong and formless meditation methods of Tantric Yoga, Orthodox Christianity, Sufism, Buddhism, Yoga and the Taoist tradition.

Neijia Yoga: Nei Gong for Yoga and the Martial Arts

Neijia Yoga is an internal arts nei-gong practice text for yoga and the martial arts, especially written for students of hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, taiqiguan, xingyiquan, baguazhang and other martial arts. It combines the Indian methods of yoga transformation, symbolized by Hanuman, with the Chinese Taoist and Buddhist practices, symbolized by the monkey king Sun Wukong. The work is dedicated to these two traditions. The contents include remedies for restoring basic health to your physical body (rejuvenation practices that include some "miracle cures"), daily pranayama practice, qi-gong exercises and real nei-gong practices, how to cultivate your Qi or Prana in body sections and various appendages, the six true yoga methods for transforming your Prana, how to cultivate your bindus or body points, how to cutivate your energy meridians, how to lead your energy through circuits in your body (pratyahara), the mysterious and sometimes painful ways for cultivating Yin Qi, how to unify your mind and Qi, how to break through mental limitations, and uber-strategy for the military profession to avoid violent confrontations or to win at war in the best, quickest manner. This is the only book of its kind to reveal the stages of wai-gong, qi-gong, nei-gong and then Tao-gong practice that leads to the enlightenment bodies of Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism that correspond to the four dhyana attainments. In the Appendix are nearly 30 different formless empty mind meditation practices that can be used as a different practice every week.

Nyasa Yoga: Kundalini, Prana, Chakra and Nadi Cultivation Techniques

Nyasa Yoga is a type of yoga practice on your inner prana energy to "divinize" your body. The purpose is to open up your chakras and nadis (Qi channels) by associating mantras with every part of your body and the whole of it. Through Nyasa Yoga you can activate your kundalini (Yang Qi) so that it starts coursing through your channels and transforms your body to be able to generate a subtle deva body that can leave your physical shell at will, which is the first stage of the spiritual path. Through methods that involve visualization, mantra and concentration you can learn how to lead the energy within your body from place to place to purify it and create a "shield of divine protection." WIth this one book alone you will also have all the major yoga exercises for inner energy work taught in various spiritual traditions (Hatha yoga, Raja Yoga, Nath Yoga, Vajrayana, Shingon, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) as well as many secret mantras and special instructions for nei-gong practices to speed your yoga efforts. This one book can replace hundreds of other spiritual works because of the exercises it contains that don't need teachers or empowerments.

Buddha Yoga

In this one book is an entire summary of the spiritual cultivation path - explanations of how the universe was born and life/consciousness came to be; how we can cultivate our consciousness as the basis of the spiritual path; the discovery of our ability to generate four higher spiritual bodies (from our material body) that are composed of higher transcendental energies that occupy different planes of exisence; the cultivation methods for doing this; the ability to devote our lives to become Bodhisattvas, Orishas, or Guardian Spirits from doing this such as by taking Buddha vows, and the vows you should take; how to set your ordinary life purpose even if you don't choose this path; how to cultivate your body; what foundational books and courses to study to become certain types of protector deities; how to find a good temple or master for spiritual practice; how to set an optimum spiritual yoga cultivation schedule and more. Because of its completeness this book replaces my previous Stages course.

Culture, Country, City, Company, Person, Passion, World

Of all the books I have written, this is my favorite which I wrote due to the interesting contents, which were the most popular in a lecture series I once delivered. Sport Visualization for the Elite Athlete is my secondmost favorite of all the books I have written. This book reveals the grand strategies of economic development for empires, countries, cities and companies; the economic and innovation cycles that determine the fates of countries and their prosperity of ascendance or poverty and decline; the unifying principles for various organizations, cities, states and companies; how to develop products that tap into these trends or trade those trends for financial gain; and how to set a life purpose for yourself that is free of commercial interests. Ian Welsh write a review on the internet of the book saying, "If I were to advise someone to buy just one book about how societies and economies run, this would be the one. ... It is the most concise collection of theories about how the world, economies, cities and much more work that I have ever read. Bodri has put together, in one place, what you’d have to read literally dozens of books to learn otherwise. Bodri’s smart and wide read, and his commentary is worth reading, but the book is most useful for his summaries of theories: sometimes very practical theories like how to trade world markets and so on." Actually, this book guides companies on how to develop products that will bring them market share, how to trade the capital markets for gains, how to form mastermind groups, and how to develop codes of conduct and "purpose charters" for organizations of men devoted to development or philanthropic purposes. This is the practical pathway of the Bodhisattva revealed for the material world.

Husbands and Wives Were Connected in the Past

Are husbands, wives and children karmic connections from past lives? Yes, and various forms of astrology will even predict their birth years and other characteristics for you. If searching for your karmic spouse, or just a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, here is the low-down on how to use locational astrology and various mantras to help attract them, and the compatibility factors checklist for marriage. Also included is precious information on how to beget a baby when fertility is an issue, what to teach your children and how to unite a family to become a strong unit. Are marriage troubles threatening a divorce? Here is the best info from researchers on exactly what to do to repair a marriage, or when to call it quits. Also, how to establish consistent habitual behaviors to strengthen a relationship. The premise is that "Husbands and wives were connected in the past and those connections never fail to meet again in this life; sons and daughters are basically past debts where some come to collect from you and some come to pay you back." How do you find that karmic spouse, your soulmate (and get the kids you want)? Here is a collection of information from cultivation traditions and astrology.

Detox Cleanse Your Body Quickly and Completely

How to detox your body of its life-long accumulation of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and environmental pollutants. The exact protocols and products I have been using for years to help people detox cleanse their bodies and lower their toxic loads to solve their health problems. There is a simple starter detox program that does the most for you in the quickest period of time but uses as few products as possible, as well as specific detox protocols (including supplements and brands) for your kidneys, liver, colon, lungs and even arterial cleansing so that you can avoid heart operations. Other detox books in the market don’t give exact products and are too gentle (almost meaningless like "drink lemon water") because they don’t offer deep detox. This book even teaches you how to read your bloodwork to see if your organs need detox or support, and mentions the exact products to use to help people get well from disease, look better, feel better and reverse aging. I run detox programs in Asia and wrote this book because it contains the information I collected over the years as to what really works.

Prevent and Reverse Atherosclerosis: Proven Natural Alternatives that Eliminate Cholesterol Plaque Without Surgery by Stanton Reed

Highly recommended. If I had clogged arteries this is the one book I would use for guidance when want to try alternative treatments: nattokinase, Vitalzym, EDTA chelation therapy, and six orthomolecular approaches to cleaning out the arteries in a natural, non-invasive fashion. A great companion to Detox Cleanse Your Body Quickly and Completely although this book deals primarily with arterial cleansing. These are the highest, best methods available in the natural marketplace.

The Mystical Path of Christian Theosis by Elijah John

Highly recommended book for Christians who are cultivating for theosis, or union with God. John explains the mystical path of theosis, or divinization, that produces the stage of Homo Deus where one is reborn in the spirit. The book covers the Christian practices of contemplation, self-correction, prayer, chanting, internal spiritual exercises, lectio divina, and problems for monastics such as how to exercise and reduce sexual desire. This is very good guidance for the Orthodox Christian Church, and can even help eastern monastics understand how to cultivate better once they see the principles of spiritual practice through the eyes of the Christian church. The author states he hopes it will especially help African theologians and monastics who are taking on the task of establishing the pathway of theosis for the African churches.

Meditation Case Studies: Concise Explanations of Phenomena Encountered on the Spiritual Path

Have you ever heard voices or felt energy moving in your body? Did you ever feel warm after doing a good deed, reciting mantras or saying prayers? Did you ever experience dreams or waking visions of gods, Buddhas or deities? Did you ever inexplicably feel that you should call someone by telephone (who said they were thinking of you) or have a feeling of dread that came true? All sorts of mind-body phenomena are possible due to meditation and spiritual practices. Inside are both scientific and supernatural explanations for many different types of experiences, including those which commonly happen to saints, relevant to the spiritual trail. Included is also a primer on vipassana witnessing meditation, case studies of meditation practitioners who experienced strange sensations within their bodies or altered mental states, and a guide for how to conduct yourself and preserve your sanity when going through the famous kundalini phenomenon. There is a translation of the 50 Mara States of Meditation practice from the Surangama Sutra that guides people through the twelve-year kundalini transformation process so they can keep their sanity.

The Little Book of Meditation: The Way to Lifelong Vibrant Health, Peace of Mind, Spiritual Growth and Wellbeing by William Bodri

Get started at meditation, or supercharge your advanced meditation practice that has reached a plateau, by learning the ins and outs of the four most powerful meditation techniques amongst the world's spiritual traditions: (1) mantra and prayer recitation, (2) vipassana practice for watching your thoughts, (3) visualization practice (including the white skeleton meditation), and (4) pranayama and anapana practice. There was no really good book on how to meditate out there until this teaching text (with many esoteric details) for students of any tradition came along. After practicing these techniques your chi (kundalini) energies will start to move, your mind will calm down, your chakras and energy channels will open, and you will finally start to gain the peace, tranquility and stress free relaxation that people talk about when they mention meditation. Most of all, you will finally start to attain gong-fu and experience various spiritual states to achieve genuine spiritual growth and progress regardless of your religion or tradition. Do you want to learn how the Zen masters achieve their deep states of peace and mental clarity with just a few easy, simple techniques? Then this is the right book with lots of instructions, explanations and stories.

The Little Book of Hercules: The Physical Aspects of the Spiritual Path

This book reveals the full sequence of physical stages involved in a kundalini awakening that opens up the sushumna central channel, and then all the other chi channel circulations within the body in turn, including the eight additional meridians of Taoism. if you want to know what chakras open in turn, and what phenomena arise when that happens, this is the book that finally sheds light on these matters. Most of these stages are not discussed in any texts, including the generation and completion stage texts of Tibetan Buddhism. A clear description is missing from Taoism and the traditions of esoteric tantric yoga from India even though all schools mention these channels and chakras. This book takes all the mysticism out of the process, shows the non-denominational descriptions of these stages from various schools, clearly explains how to cultivate the kundalini awakening through simple meditation practices to kick start the process, and reveals where the subsequent physical transformations fit into the larger picture of the spiritual path and the attainment of enlightenment. Basically, you won't find this material in print anywhere else - a book that unifies the discussions of dharmakaya, sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya.

Color Me Confucius by William Bodri

What's wrong with today's world? Study the updated teachings of Confucius, Mencius and others to learn how to conquer your mind, control your behavior, cultivate your internal energy, manage large groups of people, bring change to society and change your character and fortune. The self-cultivation methods of Liao Fan, Benjamin Franklin, Frank Bettger, Andrew Carnegie, Wang Yangming and others teach the practice of mindfulness, vipassana, and mastering your behavior. Within you can find equivalents to Hinayana Buddhism, Stoicism, ACT and cognitive behavioral therapy but the Confucian emphasis on the Yijing tells us oh so much more about the origins of life, the universe, consciousnes and how we should use our minds - the great wish-fulfilling gem that the universe has bestowed upon us.

Spiritual Paths and Their Meditation Techniques by William Bodri

This is a paperback version of The Insider's Guide to the Best and Worst Spiritual Paths and Meditation Techniques. If you want to know the main cultivation techniques of various spiritual schools and religions, what their targets are, and what practitioners should do so that they do not go astray within all these traditions (because all have mistakes), this is for you. In fact, if you are confused about all the religions and paths you can follow, you need this because it reduces things to the non-denominational basic principles. Most people who cultivate end up following the wrong path for years, or practicing a genuine path incorrectly, and wonder what they did wrong. Or, they switch spiritual paths, techniques and teachers much too often. Frankly, it's because they don't know what they are doing, what the principles of practice are, and what are the goals or final objectives. Knowing what to cultivate correctly and what to avoid helps you practice correctly and make progress quickest.

Sport Visualization for the Elite Athlete by Bill Bodri

If you positively, absolutely want to get better at sports and athletics and are looking for that extra edge that will improve your skills, then sports visualization is the technique to master. All the mental imagery training methodologies for athletes are within along with a summary of many of the great Olympians and other champions who have used it. Why does it work, how does it work, what is the best way to form mental imagery to bring about those results in real time are all explained. A simple how-to book - something kids should know about also but no one bothers to teach them! This is a great bonus if you have always wanted to learn visualization practice, including concentration training for Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism, but the emphasis is how to practice specific visualization techniques (mental imagery involving all your senses) to get better at sports.

Visualization Power by Bill Bodri

How Scientists, Inventors, Businessmen, Artists, Athletes, Healers and Yogis Can Improve Their Powers of Visualization and Visual Thinking to do remarkable things. In this book you will learn visualization exercises that you can use for super sports performance, internal healing, spiritual practices (such as Tibetan Vajrayana or Tantric Yoga practices) and personal development. Starting with the stories of great inventors, mathematicians and physicists who learned how to use visual thinking to create inventions and innovative solutions to problems, we go through various exercises you can use to learn their powers. Tesla, Edison, Einstein, Maxwell and Feynman have all developed their powers of visualization to become the great men they were. There are visualization exercises that a high school or college student would want to learn for career success. Next we go into how concentration applied to problems can penetrate into your subconscious and create solutions that appear in your dreams. Want to learn how to dream solutions to problems? This book tells how. The field of goal setting and personal development (public speaking, asking for a raise, making a presentation, changing your behavior) uses visualization extensively. Find out how famous actors (Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith) and other notables have used it to enhance and advance their careers. Next we have the scientific theory behind sports visualizations and how they change the neural pathways in your brain. You find a list of nearly Olympic level athletes (Jack Nicklaus, Jerry West, Steve Nash, Wade Boggs, Ted Williams, Pele, John Smoltz, Michael Phelps, Greg Louganis, Mark Plates, Thomas Hall) who use visualizations for peak athletic performance. If you or your children are training for sports, this teaches the right way to approach visualization for better performance. It even explains why and how it works. Many people know that you can use mental imagery to heal the body when it is sick. How? There are several healing visualization you can try. Just use these, don’t try thousands. Instructions for spiritual visualizations include the Buddhist kasina visualization practice, the white skeleton visualization method, the Jain fire visualization of Mahavira, fire ceremony visualizations, and various spinal opening visualizations from Taoism and Yoga. There are also several breathing practices you can try to assist you in all these efforts. This is the set of Vajrayana and Yoga visualization practices in a nutshell without all the normal garbage that confuses people. In short, you will find many approaches for training your mind and body to go beyond its present limits.

Look Younger, Live Longer: Reverse the Aging Process in One Year Using Eastern Traditions and Modern Nutritional Science by Bill Bodri

Modern anti-aging science - whether it references the findings of the "Blue Zones" or new approaches to diet and nutrition - shows us how to use the right exercises, diet and vitamin-mineral supplements to turn back our biological clocks. By doing the right things we can slow or even reverse the process of aging so that we not only live longer but start to look younger and feel better too. There are also ways we can improve our home's environment in order to enjoy cleaner air and water as well as reduce our EMF exposure to support our health and anti-aging efforts. The second approach to anti-aging relies on the eastern spiritual traditions that teach you how to eat right, exercise and reduce stress so as to reverse the aging process. This approach - which comes from the ancient eastern schools of Yoga, Chinese Taoism, Buddhism and other traditions - promotes breathing practices, inner energy work, meditation and a proper diet for staying young and living longer. This road of longevity is centered on building up internal energy so that you can use its benefits for a longer and healthier life. Combining the eastern and western approaches is the premier approach to life extension. It constitutes a new science of anti-aging that takes the best from the east and west to heal your body, extend your life, and benefit your mind. Inside you will learn the best vitamins and nutritional supplements to take in order to look younger, feel better, reverse the effects of aging you’ve already experienced and extend your life span. You will also discover the best eastern practices for increasing health and longevity that - although thousands of years old - not only prepare people for progress on the spiritual trail but are actually proven remedial solutions for the many aging theories proposed by geneticists. In short, you will find many approaches for duplicating and even going beyond the healthy anti-aging results found in the long-lived "Blue Zones" communities.

High Yield Investments, Hard Assets and Asset Protection Strategies by Bill Bodri

Discover the many high yield investments that smart investors are now turning to such as peer-to-peer lending loans, high dividend stocks, dimsum bonds, Yield Cos, REITs, MLPs and cash compoounding machines. Learn how to expertly invest in hard assets such as gold and slver bullion, oil and gas royalty trusts, farmland, and crowdfunded real estate. Lastly, discover how to protect your financial assets through direct registration of stocks and bonds, Warren Buffett's favorite downturn indicators, Bitcoin and hyperinflation protection.

Internal Martial Arts Nei-gong: Cultivating Your Inner Energy to Raise Your Martial Arts to the Next Level by Bill Bodri and John Newtson

Very few martial arts texts teach you how to really and truly cultivate inner gong-fu. This is one of those rare books that teaches various methods for cultivating your internal chi, and how to open up your chi channels, chakras and energy meridians so that you can move to the next stage of martial arts by increasing your internal power. Various hard to find discussions on cultivating shen, anapana, and visualization along with esoteric mantras are revealed for the practice of internal martial arts. By combining internal meditation practices with external exercises - and the findings of modern sports training science - you can increase your skills for Tai Chi, Hsing-yi, Shaolin Kung-fu, Ba Gua Zhang, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo and the other martial arts that make use of internal energies for abilities like DIm Mak and the heroic feats akin to the superpowers of legend.

Quick, Fast, Done: Simple Time Management Secrets From Some of History's Greatest Leaders by Bill Bodri

This is a time management and productivity book based on the seminars on how to find your life goals and arrange your time to get more done quicker and with better results. This book is the basis of one of my most possible lectures in Asia. Three CEOs have already told me it changed their life and the outcomes of their business. Namely, how to schedule your time and accomplish more in life via daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goal setting methods. If you want to live a life that matters because you accomplish things on your own terms, this will guide you through to making a set of life goals and determining your life purpose. Do you want to get more done in less time? Then this is for you.

Move Forward: Powerful Strategies for Creating Better Outcomes in Life by Bill Bodri

Another of the most popular topics - how to change your astrological fate, fortune and destiny via the methods of Yuan Liao Fan, Benjamin Franklin, Frank Better and others. This is the book that I recommend the most - White Fat Cow in brief on how to change your fate, shine your personality, and create business success along with how to defy your genes (that might cause cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.), how to learn skills where you presently have none (through the method of deliberate practice and deep training), and how to make spiritual progress. This is all about how to change your life for the better and how to change a lousy fortune. Very powerful, motivational! The chapter on spiritual training has one of the best explanations of spiritual cultivation bodies in print, namely what people are spiritually cultivating to attain in terms of more subtle bodies of matter. That alone clears up the path of Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, Christianity and Vedanta. Do you want to know more about how to change your life for the better rather than a feel good self-help book that alcks any useful methods? Then this is for you.

Bankism: How the Government's Bank-First Policies are Destroying the Nation and How to Survive the Aftermath of a Coming Dollar Collapse by Bill Bodri

Under the philosophy of Bankism, the U.S. federal government has elevated the welfare of the nation’s banks above the welfare of its citizens and the economy. The profitability and survival of U.S. financial institutions has become the dominant concern of American monetary authorities whose legislation now works towards keeping the biggest banks out of insolvency, all the while making banks ever larger, more powerful and more profitable so that they systematically risk the nation. Through its efforts, the Fed has basically lost its control of being able to steer the economy and its emphasis on Bankism has turned it into a rogue element undermining the nation. Even the Treasury's Exchange Stabilization Fund cannot save us. Foreign nations see the writing on the wall and have been selling the U.S. dollar and Treasury bonds while accumulating gold bullion in preparation for upcoming radical changes in the world financial system. They have quietly been working at de-dollarization moves, spearheaded by China and Russia, to replace their dependence upon the U.S. dollar in world trade, banking reserves and dollar payment mechanisms. The Petrodollar is experiencing survival risk, and with its demise will come the end of the American empire of international respect and a thriving economy.The safest course of action for the consequences lying ahead is to own physical gold and silver, as well as Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, in order to safely pass through the coming collapse of the dollar, inevitable decline in asset prices when interest rates rise, and destruction of the U.S. economy as various gold-backed and non-dollar payment systems go online that will supplant the dollar and reduce its predominance in world trade. Inside is a history of what brought us to this state of affairs and what to do to move ahead.

Breakthrough Strategies of Wall Street Traders: 17 Remarkable Traders Reveal Their Top Performing Investment Strategies by Bill Bodri

If you are interested in trading or investing, this is for you. Interviews with 17 traders, like the famous book Market Wizards, that tell exactly how these guys made their money in the markets including the EXACT rules they used to get rich. This is like top secret information for traders. As an ex-Wall Street researcher, these interviews contain the information I wanted to know when getting started in creating Wall Street systems to make money over the long-run. Where do you put your IRA money to grow for the long term? Conclusion - Only two methods have consistently worked over one hundred years - systematic momentum investing and value investing. Find out which funds to invest in for your retirement because they incorporate these approaches. If I had to give one investing book to the kids to explain all sorts of trading and investing systems, this would be it since I interview the best out there for their personal techniques. They will save years of losses and be set for their financial future if they only use rules that match their personality. It is a companion to my previous book Super Investing. The book contains the exact methods I would use to increase wealth over time. Inside there are many traders and investors advising you to buy gold and silver for a collapse they think is coming, and who explain why and how to protect yourself for what lies ahead.

Super Investing: 5 Proven Methods for Beating the Market and Retiring Rich by Bill Bodri

When I worked on Wall Street my job was to create trading and investing systems that could automatically manage billions of dollars in stocks, bonds, commodities, gold and foreign currencies. This book contains the only systems I ever found that consistently beat the market - an original form of seasonal investing I invented, analytically timing fundamental information for buy and sell signals, momentum investing, value investing and dependable options writing techniques to collect premium. It contains the wisdom I wanted to pass onto any family that wanted to build generational wealth as the idea was to give a family a means to compound wealth at tremendous rates of return so that it could become a pool big enough to fund charities. Nothing in my library of hundreds of investment books has these systems or methods.

Super Cancer Fighters

You have cancer and you want to know about the proven natural remedies that supplement mainstream cancer treatments. Here they are: cancer diet principles, Beljanski formulas, Carnivora, platinum colloidal minerals, Ojibwa tea (Essiac), Limu juice, Aloe Arborescens, low dose naltrexone, oleander extract, Dr. Matthis Rath's anti-metastasis formula, coffee enemas, pancreatic enzymes, and more.

Tao & Longevity: Mind-Body Transformation by Nan Huai-Chin

This is absolutely a mandatory basic beginner's book on spiritual cultivation regardless of your religious calling, no questions about it. If you want to learn meditation for real spiritual growth, this book is a MUST! It not only explains the physical changes you will experience on the spiritual path, but also contains insights into holistic medicine and complete lessons on Taoism, Buddhism, Tantra, yoga, internal alchemy and Zen. If you don't know the material on jing (ching), chi (qi) and shen alone then you don't know anything about spiritual cultivation. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika doesn't have even a fraction of the material in this book, which should be every meditator's beginner's book. If you could only select just one book from this list, then get this one and study it.

Twenty-Five Doors to Meditation: A Handbook for Entering Samadhi by William Bodri and Lee Shu-Mei

Most books about meditation never tell you why meditation works, and they only aim at helping you calm your mind rather than attain any genuine spiritual stage of spiritual awakening. This book is different. It not only teaches you 25 different meditation methods - which is far more than you'll find elsewhere - but it actually explains why those methods work using an interdisciplinary approach that links cultivation teachings from dozens of spiritual schools. Kundalini, sexual cultivation, pranayama breathing methods, mindfulness, mantras, chakras, centering prayer - they are all here along with advanced material (and references) that blow other meditation primers away. Best to study this with a group so that more people benefit.

Working Toward Enlightenment: The Cultivation of Practice by Nan Huai-Chin

This book is the first half of a two volume set, the second volume being To Realize Enlightenment listed below. This cultivation material is extremely advanced and touches upon almost every facet of spiritual cultivation--meditation techniques to use, spiritual barriers you'll encounter, physical kung-fu you'll experience, psychic powers, cultivating samadhi and dhyana, the three realms of existence, the dharmakaya-sambhogakaya-nirmanakaya bodies of spiritual cultivation, and so on. It's heavily oriented to Zen, Buddhism, Taoism, Tibetan esotericism and Chinese culture. Before you delve into this material, it's better to read Tao and Longevity first.

To Realize Enlightenment: Practice of the Cultivation Path by Nan Huai-Chin

This is the second half of the two volume set, the first half listed above. Within these two books Nan Huai-Chin lays out the complete structure of the universal cultivation path that's found in the world's genuine religions. A very advanced book that references hundreds of Buddhist and Taoist scriptures and touches upon countless topics of the path to enlightenment. Don't dare attempt reading this set until you have already read Tao and Longevity.

Basic Buddhism: Exploring Buddhism and Zen by Nan Huai-Chin

In this scholarly work, Nan Huai-Chin sets straight the history of Zen and history of Buddhism, and in particular the transmission of Buddhism into China and the establishment of the Zen monastic system. This is the only book in print with detailed translations of the Chinese monastic rules of discipline relevant to the re-establishment of monastic training centers today. Together with The Story of Chinese Zen, these two books paint a picture of the history of Chinese Buddhism, Zen and the path to enlightenment which corrects many mistaken notions propagated by the scholars and cultivation schools of today.

Socrates and the Path to Enlightenment by William Bodri

Most books on Socrates discuss his use of semantics, but this one is different in that it pulls apart Plato's writings to prove that Socrates had attained samadhi and prajna wisdom, had cultivated his character to reflect a high state of virtue, and taught many of the standard enlightenment teachings of the Tao. Basically he had attained self-realization. He is shown to be the "first Zen master of the West," and yet western philosophy has neglected his instructions on how to cultivate the Tao which is why the houses of science, philosophy and religion built upon his foundations have leaned toward materialism ever since. If you're a teacher who wants to influence the course modern education and reestablish the path of "true learning," this book is a must read; correct the earliest educational departures from Socrates' original message, and the whole educational tower tends to naturally straighten of itself. If you just want the proof that Socrates was enlightened, and the ten point check list for determining if someone is enlightened, it's in here with the Classic references.

Diamond Sutra Explained by Nan Huai Chin

There are about a dozen or so translations of the Diamond Sutra available in print, but no explanations. This is one of the top English translations available and includes a superb commentary by China's foremost Zen master.

How to Create a Million Dollar Unique Selling Proposition

This book will help the entrepreneur and small business owner market their company, products or services, and help ensure the prosperity of their firm when launching new products. The survival of a company depends on sales, and sales depend upon your marketing efforts. Revealed are many marketing strategies you can use to promote your business and its products/services, as well as the ten different ways to create a USP, or unique selling proposition, which is the basis of most advanced marketing strategies. If you don't have your USP right then you have no marketing strategy, so the first step to increasing sales is to improve your USP. Most books only offer 1-2 ways to create a USP, but this offers ten plus dozens of marketing strategies for sales. Need an elevator speech or personal branding statement to sell yourself? It's in here, too.

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The Various Stages of the Spiritual Experience Cassette Tapes     

How to Meditate: A Dozen Meditations You Can Try Cassette Tapes     





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