How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization ("Measuring Meditation") USD $97

Imagine Listening to an Enlightened Zen, Esoteric and Taoist Master as He Reveals Secret Meditation Techniques, Advanced Stages of Spiritual Practice, Chakra-Kundalini-Tantra Esoteric Secrets, and Teaches You How to Silence Your Internal Mind

A famous Zen, Tao and Esoteric school master has finally taken all those confusing Taoist teachings on cultivating your jing, chi and shen ... Buddhist teachings on breaking through the five skandhas and realms of consciousness ... the yoga teachings in Hinduism on mastering the various samadhi and dhyana you can reach in meditation ... Tibetan tantra teachings on opening your chakras and chi channels and cultivating kundalini ... Jewish Kabballah teachings on ayin (nothingness) and the annihilation of thought ... Confucian teachings on how to perfect your behavior to attain samadhi and enlightenment ... Christian teachings on stages of selflessness and holy spiritual love ... psychic findings about heavenly realms and other metaphysical phenomena

... and all sorts of other spiritual ranking systems ... and sorted them, cross-correlated them, merged them and then applied them to provide you with a generalized map of the stages of spiritual progress that you can personally expect to experience through meditation.

Why? To provide you with a clear road map through all the spiritual junk knowledge out there, and to help you with your spiritual practice by cutting off twenty to thirty years of dedicated study, frustration and dead-ends.

"If you desire truth, if you seek to penetrate through the illusion of Samsara and realize prajna transcendental wisdom, then this book is worth ten times its price. This book will teach you exactly what your experiences along the path of self realization actually mean."

For three decades have I watched as the great promise of the so-called New Age devolved into a carnival of easy answers and quickie roads to enlightenment, all of which are largely nothing but fluff. Observe any New Age Section at the bookstore, and you will see what I mean: Too many words, too many things, and far too much stuff. More words, more things, more stuff, we do not need.

"How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization by William Bodri and Master Huai-Chin Nan is something wholly new and welcome. If you desire truth, if you seek to penetrate through the illusion of Samsara and realize prajna transcendental wisdom, then this book is worth ten times its price. This book will teach you exactly what your experiences along the path of self realization actually mean. You will read this book from cover to cover, and what you learn in this book, you will apply each and every day for the rest of your life. It will make it possible for you to understand every single aspect of your spiritual growth and development, no matter what school or tradition you follow. After reading this book, you will know, without so much as a scintilla of doubt, and be able to articulate for others, how all the religious and esoteric traditions of spiritual awakening relate to one another, and are, if fact, one.

Amari Om (

"I am only about half way through with Measuring Meditation, and have learned more about the subject of spiritual cultivation from this one source than from any one thing. Even at this point in reading the book it is worth more than all of the books I have on spiritual cultivation."

The other night I saw a friend from Taiwan who is following a Tibetan Buddhist master and I was able to have a conversation with him [on] the great Tibetan masters discussed in Measuring Meditation as well as bodissatvas, tantra, sexual practices, and lots of other cultivation concepts that are in the book. He was impressed with my knowledge about cultivation and told me that I was truly lucky to have anything by Master Nan. I felt good knowing that that he is following the correct principles of cultivation instead of wondering later if he was following a true path.

Another reason I am enjoying the book is that it takes all of the spiritual occurrences, levels, concepts, and ideas and presents them in a way that I can understand. Others who are not native English speakers have trouble conveying their ideas to an English speaking audience. Another problem that I have encountered is that many authors simply have not experienced what they are discussing, that is not the case with Measuring Meditation, every concept presented rings with the truth of experience. After studying and practicing meditation and qigong for years with various masters, I feel like this book answers a lot of questions they could not and or would not answer and even brings up and answers ones that had not yet occured to me. The best book on the subject of cultivation I have seen to date.

Bill C
Austin, TX

"The insight and depth of knowledge on the skandas, meditation, samadhi, and higher states of being found in 'Measuring' is deeper and more comprehensive than that in any of the books I've read to date, which amounts to many, many books! This book brings everything together in a logical and understandable framework. "

The insight and depth of knowledge on the skandas, meditation, samadhi, and higher states of being found in 'Measuring' is deeper and more comprehensive than that in any of the books I've read to date, which amounts to many, many books! This book brings everything together in a logical and understandable framework.

From reading and meditating on the topics in 'Measuring' I'm re-affirming and filling in the gaps of fragments of knowledge picked up from my meditation experiences and search for the Tao. Several prototype humans have shown the way to the infinite, the land beyond time and space; the indescribable, incomprehensible state of the ancients. This book lays the groundwork to tread the same path!

For true seekers of the Tao this book provides what is needed to advance toward the ultimate Goal. It contains valuable information that can be found nowhere else. It's wonderful that the author through his association with Master Nan has made this information available to the English speaking people of this earth. This book is well worth the cost and goes far beyond anything that money can buy.

Richard Mobarak

"I have almost come to the end of the book and the education I have received from this book is beyond words. The English speaking world owes Mr. Bodri more than we can give him because he has opened a door that has never been open to us before. It may sound a bit crazy but sometimes I am almost in tears thinking about what he has done for us, and I am not one to cry about much of anything."

It is like finding the path that will lead you through a dense forest……………

Most of my life (since about 2nd grade) I have sought after the spiritual path. I even allowed my collegiate studies to suffer because I honestly thought, and still do, that it was a matter of more importance. But like most people, I did not seem to have the merit to be introduced to a teacher that was knowledgeable enough about the path of enlightenment. Yet I was determined so I still searched in the available information and through trial and error made some progress. I was not able to understand the progress and therefore could not proceed much further.

One day, in my own library, I found a book by Master Nan (Tao & Longevity: Mind-Body Transformation). It was profound in its wisdom which made me wonder how I could have overlooked it for so long, although after reading Measuring Meditation it was a matter of Prajna and Merit. I was excited and disappointed because I knew there was more to the process of attaining enlightenment but this book only offered so much, although I was and am still grateful for it. So, for years I longed for more works by Master Nan.

Well a few years ago I located his two books on enlightenment, and his books on Buddhism/Zen. They were exceptional of course but I still had a bit of trouble with some of the concepts. But, I pressed on with some progress. Then my merit improved a bit more………………………

Recently and I finally was able to find Master Nan’s “thumb” student, Mr. Bodri. You cannot imagine how happy and excited I became. I quickly bought the Taoism Book and then Measuring Meditation (MM). Let me just say I was blown away in just 20 pages into MM. I become full of questions to the extent that I bothered Mr. Bodri with questions that I sort of “wore out my welcome”. Sorry, Mr. Bodri.

I have almost come to the end of the book and the education I have received from this book is beyond words. This book has made it easier for me to understand Master Nan’s other published works. Yet, the most astounding feature of this book for me is that I would read something and then have a question only to have to it answered a few pages latter. EVERY TIME! I cannot say enough about the perfection of this work and how it can change the purity of spiritual pursuits for those that are willing to hear/read truth.

The English speaking world owes Mr. Bodri more than we can give him because he has opened a door that has never been open to us before. It may sound a bit crazy but sometimes I am almost in tears thinking about what he has done for us, and I am not one to cry about much of anything. It must be my martial arts background. At this point in my life I understand why I am so attracted to the spiritual path. Because it is the most worthy endeavor for all sentient beings at all levels, and at least for us in the human realm, we now have a real guide to climb the spiritual ladder.

BUY MEASURING MEDITATION. It will be the best purchase you make in a lifetime.

Cornell T Garrett

P.S. If the Stages Course is even more informing than Measuring Meditation, than America has no excuse not to have a spiritual revolution. SOON!

This "course in a book," which we fondly refer to as "Measuring Meditation," creates one unified topological map explaining all sorts of unexplained metaphysical, paranormal and psychic phenomena and does something people have desired for years -- it links the various stages of genuine spiritual development or spiritual growth in all the major spiritual schools. It took me years to compile this knowledge from all sorts of traditions, both Eastern and Western, and now it is all compiled in one single place.

There's absolutely nothing like this available elsewhere. Just check the testimonials from seekers who have libraries of hundreds or thousands of books, who've spent untold dollars collecting materials, going to seminars and seeking, and yet who never encountered the real dharma.

All the publishers we contacted said this material was just too large to get published -- it was too jam packed with information to be printed.

But I wanted to make it available to you anyway, so here it is in ebook form...

In a step-by-step fashion, this course on spiritual practice teaches you how to dispense with mysticism and nonsensical New Age explanations, and apply the scientific basis of genuine spiritual teachings to your own meditation work - no matter what school you come from or presently follow. It covers practically all your spiritual efforts, all techniques, all schools and measuring systems. We're not out to convert anyone, just deepen your own practice with true cultivation content that can help guide you to the answers you've been seeking for all sorts of practices, stages and phenomena.

In this manual you will finally have a single source on internal and external yoga that makes sense of the thousands of spiritual texts and metaphysical treatises sitting on dusty library shelves. No more theory, no more mysticism, no more hogwash and spiritual "mumbo jumbo" -- inside this course you'll find stratight talk and straught answers. You'll find real life applications of hundreds of extremely advanced cultivation teachings and meditation techniques that embody the real heart of spiritual cultivation practice.

Basically, this is the Bible for guiding a person's spiritual growth because it even has case studies of ordinary "kundalini practitoners" at the most rudimentary stages of the path. It also has case studies of advanced adepts, and enlightened sages and the gong-fu (kung-fu) they had to cultivate, or chose to cultivate before and after their enlightenment.

But don't believe me about the contents and quality of this work. Instead, just read the testimonials I've posted for you. They don't lie. They're from people just like you who are searching for clear answers about esoteirc matters and the spiritual trail...

I guarantee that after being exposed to this information on true spiritual cultivation just once, you'll know how to meditate properly and will say good-bye to New Age fluff forever. I personally wrote it with that one purpose in mind. With this information you'll never be confused again about contradictory spiritual teachings such as "This school says this" and "That school says that." You won't run from this teacher to that one anymore, or from this school or that course to another.

You won't feel like you're missing anything when you hear about all these competing schools because you'll understand the basis behind it all, and will now know how to differentiate the TRUTH from the crap.


You'll be clear about the various grading systems of the spiritual path -- whether we're talking about chakras or kundalini or tantra, clear light and chi mai and samadhi or dhyana -- and will be able to weave all these teachings together and then apply them to your own personal practice. That's the important point. This manual offers you a very personal and practicalroadmap to spiritual practice.

You'll be clear about all sorts of meditation methods -- such as vipassana, mantra, mindfulness meditation, pranayama, visualization, Zen, tantrism, siddha yoga, cessation and contemplation and so forth -- along with their actual effectiveness or lack thereof. From what you know and knowledge of your habits, personality and lifestyle, it'll simply be up to you to choose which method suits you best.

You'll understand karma and reincarnation, and how to change your fortune and destiny as revealed by astrology, feng shui or other fate forecasting techniques. You'll understand the true way ... and not the superficial ways touted today ... for changing your character and undergoing true spiritual development.

You'll also learn how to determine which Eastern and Western religions are deficient in their spiritual teachings, and why! Lots of people have been seeking this information for decades. In their heart of hearts, they know something isn't quite right about certain "religions" or specific religious teachings in particular, but until now they just didn't have the right tools or vocabulary to be able to determine what they knew was off. Now in one glance you'll be able to know for sure ... positively, absolutely ... and will have the words for it.

Boy will you tick off some people if you open your mouth without thinking because they'll have nothing to say, and the truth of what you're saying will be self-evident to everybody.

You'll also be able to go through case studies of famous (and ordinary) cultivation practitioners and see exactly where they stood in terms of their own progress on the spiritual trail ... something most people would like to talk about but have no yardsticks for grading the matter ...

... and you'll learn how to do this through a step-by-step, iterative process that always reflects back upon previous lessons and teachings.

"What you'll get is immeasurable and it'll manifest in short and long term. The book is way under priced. It's the price of 5-10 standard randomly picked spiritual books that you'll find in bookstores. Believe me, even if you carefully picked 500 books in a well-stocked spiritually oriented bookstore (rare), you'll never be able to piece together the materials contained in this book."

I've been practicing meditation for the last 25 years, including researching into Taoism, Vedic cultivation practices and meeting closely with spiritual masters. I hold a Masters degree in Eastern philosophy, and make my living by providing classical-based knowledge on Traditional Chinese Medicine to my employer and the public. Yet, when I encountered the e-book "Measuring Meditation", it was a breath of fresh air that woke me up. I assure you that you will never find information like this elsewhere. I roamed big bookstores, temples, and libraries whenever I traveled overseas. With my collection of several thousands of books in my private library, still much of the content of this book is new to me. I wasn't looking for 'improvements' in my practice when I get into Bill's work, its just part of my orientation, liking spiritual materials and collect the good ones when I find them. But, just reading 'Measuring Meditation' advances my practice automatically and I'm yet to incorporate the interesting materials into my practice.

The title of the book is an understatement. You definitely get more than just being able to measure someone else or your own meditation. It's really a small bonus, a given. What you'll get is immeasurable and it'll manifest in short and long term. The book is way under priced. It's the price of 5-10 standard randomly picked spiritual books that you'll find in bookstores. Believe me, even if you carefully picked 500 books in a well-stocked spiritually oriented bookstore (rare), you'll never be able to piece together the materials contained in this book. Why? Because the materials in this book come from fruitful years of dedicated practice and research. Most new-age books really say sweet nothing, especially the best-sellers. Most classical spiritual texts are culturally out of context unless you know your history. And good scholars on religious and spiritual matters get so heady (to be academically rigorous) until you cannot get any practical and relevant information from these books. I spent 5 months to read 5-10 pages daily of "Measuring Meditation" to finish the 700-page book and I don't recall my serious focus that I've done with any other book.

If you are new but are inclined towards spiritual cultivation, go slowly with this materials. Give yourself time before making any conclusions. You are very lucky to find these materials early in your practice. If you feel you are an old-hand in this area and want to advance to the next level of practice, you'll definitely find some surprises and useful and practical wisdom in this e-book. Learn the spiritual art of adaptability. If you are confused by gluts of information and propaganda on spiritual growth, religion and esoteric stuff, the materials in 'Measuring Meditation' will definitely clear you off your confusion, and if you give yourself some serious time in studying this material, it'll make you an expert! Imagine from darkness into light!

Grab this material before it's gone and I suspect it might not stay around for a long time. If you think it is not relevant to you now, at least still hold on to it. If you are serious about spiritual cultivation, you are bound to come back to it. Otherwise, at least let it be in your vicinity, your love ones might benefit when they encounter the book. Don't throw away a rare treasure!


"I am fascinated by this information in Measuring Meditation, as I have not seen it any where else"

When I first got the book [Measuring Meditation], I was relatively new in meditation and I had read upon different religious paths, but I had never heard of a cultivation practice per say that would allow one to really rise up the spiritual ladder to attaining the truth.  But here was a book describing that such a path existed, and there are specific methods one must do in order for this spiritual ideal to be manifested physically in one's life.  For I had believed till then that it was only about the peace and wisdom of the mind, which are the words of many sages and teachers. 

However, though the book does not deny this, but actually encourages it, the book points to something further:  that is the means to arriving at states and reaching the highest level is to manifest the truth or the wisdom or dharma (true spiritual practice in every moment of our lives), can be attained through the many methods the book outlines; but more importantly, it allows the reader to really examine at which level one is at when one is cultivating.  Thus, when it speaks of the different phenomena that may occur when cultivating, it gives a detailed guideline and a point of reference to further one's own direction in his or her spiritual practice. 

I am fascinated by this information in Measuring Meditation, as I have not seen it any where else and it truly is thought provoking breaking down many pre-conceived notions of what a spiritual practice may include.  At the least, surely it allows one to become more open to different perspectives and then it is up for the student to go up and test to see if it really works, which in my opinion and my own personal experience, I have found very validating, which has been comforting and rewarding.  Thanks Bill, for the opportunity for sharing this exciting information with me.    

Thanks again for everything.

Young Jae  

"If you are a skeptic then I personally recommend this book"

This is a monumental work. This is contemporary spiritual literature at it’s best.

If you are a skeptic then I personally recommend this book – it’s a splendid explanation not only of meditation, but of the surrounding fields and concepts. It doesn’t contain or build upon spiritual/logical dead ends.

If you’ve got a distaste for the whole field due to a long search in the “New Age” movement, then give this work your last chance. I’ve gone through much crap, bullshit and gibberish to arrive at anything substantial which I give credit to mainly material on meditation expert.

This book isn’t a “get the life you want in five minutes” book. It explains the hard path to spiritual perfection and the hard work required. You get meditation explained in it’s context: What is meditation, what necessitates meditation, the resulting transformation in the human mind and body. Further on, it shows you that meditation is a tool utilized by all the major religions. You get a classification of the human mind and a map of all the realms where a human operate and what you try to achieve in these through meditation, all according to strict spiritual scriptures from Buddhism and other religions.

After reading this book, you should know how serious meditation is, and that it aims to illuminate all the depths of a human and human behaviour. I can only thank the author for offering this and for all the time he has put into assembling so much illuminating and clarifying information.

Jerry Antba

Milarepa, Hui-neng, Ramakrishna, Edgar Cayce, Lao Tzu, Padre Pio, Steiner, Shakyamuni Buddha, Ananda, Mahakasyapa, Han Shan, Hakuin, Xuan Zang, Gampopa, St. Francis of Assissi, Yeshe Tsogyel, Jesus, Moses, Confucius, Chuang Tzu, Yogananda, and countless other spiritual greats are discussed and analyzed in this course. All the great ones you read about.

But here's the key. Other books just say they were all great. In this book you learn EXACTLY how to determine their actual STAGE of spiritual cultivation and accomplishment. So the saints of Hinduism, Confucianism, Taoism, Indian Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Vedanta, Christianity, Christian mysticism, medieval alchemy, Islam, Judaism, Sufism, yoga and other schools are analyzed to see what stage of spiritual practice they had reached.

This isn't like looking at paintings in a museum where people say "everything is art," and thus relieving you of the possibility of criticizing what you see on the walls. Some of these saints WERE greater than others in terms of their stage of spiritual attainment! There's no doubt about it, but know you'll know how to measure this stage of realization.

With a multitude of overlapping spiritual rating systems in your hands -- supplied by these religions themselves -- you'll be surprised to find out who was "enlightened" and who merely had samadhi attainments or just a small realization of emptiness or selflessness. No longer will you just toss up unexplained phenomena to mysticism, for now you'll know why and how the saints of the various religions were able to say the things they said, and perform the feats they did.

Everyone who signs up for our ezine gets a free download of chapter 4 from this book so that they can evaluate this material and benefit from its teachings even if they decide not to buy it, but to really appreciate the depth of this material you have to look at its full Table of Contents:


1 The Challenge of Correctly Measuring and Interpreting Spiritual Progress
Kung-fu Mind-Body Transformations * Prajna Transcendental Wisdom * Avoiding Self-Delusion in Spiritual Cultivation * Direct Experience is Essential

2 An Introduction to the Five Skandhas Ranking System
The Selflessness of the Ego and Phenomena * The True Meaning of Religious Practice * Form Skandha * Sensation Skandha * Conception Skandha * Volition Skandha * Consciousness Skandha * Transforming, Purifying, or Exhausting the Skandhas * Cessation-Contemplation and Zen * Using the Skandhas in Cultivation * Four Cultivation Truths

3 The Taoist Time Requirements for Spiritual Kung-fu and the Consecutive Stages of Spiritual Attainment
The Five Elements Schema * 8 Sensations * The Three Realms * Tao and Longevity * Jing * Chi * Shen * Why the 5 Elements Transform in the Order That They Do * The 9 Year Transformation Sequence for the Physical Components of the Body * Taoist Jing-Chi-Shen Transformations Explain the Spiritual Path * Laying the Foundation, Pregnancy, Suckling the Baby, Facing the Wall * Inedia in Christianity and Hinduism * Proper Fasting Practice Instructions * 100 Day Bigu Fasting Practice * 9 Year Bigu Fasting Practice * The 5 Requirements for Becoming Immortal * Ghost-Human-Earthly-Heavenly-Spiritual Immortals * Shakyamuni's Analysis of Immortality Techniques * I-Ching * The Many Spiritual Measurement Systems You Need to Learn

4 Twelve Enlightening Case Studies: An Analysis of the Spiritual Progress and Problems Faced by People Practicing Meditation
The Kundalini Experience * The Importance of Using Tao and Longevity as a Reference * (1) HUMANITIES PROFESSOR * Fan Chi or Wind Chi * Sensations in the Legs * Meditation Reveals Latent Illnesses * (2) HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER * Fixing Problems Revealed through Meditation * Semblance Dharma * (3) ARTIST-TEACHER * Cultivation and Mental Illness * The Du-yin Shadow Consciousness * Chi at the Back of the Head * (4) PSYCHOLOGIST * Feeling Chi Sensations in the Body * (5) COMPUTER SCIENTIST * Strong Vitality and Sexual Activity on the Path * The Number of Chi Channels in the Body * The Importance of the Left Big Toe in Meditation * Spontaneous Movements * Incendium Amoris is Christian Kundalini * Pranayama * Sounds in the Head * Saint Francis of Assisi * An Explanation of Biblical Superpowers * (6) ARTIST * The Stage of Not Needing Sleep * Fullness of Jing, Chi and Shen * (7) SCIENTIST * (8) ACTRESS * Dreams of Flying * Poltergeists * (9) PSYCHOLOGIST * (10) LIBRARIAN * Excessive Damp Heat in the Body * (11) HOUSEWIFE AFTER MENOPAUSE * Cycles of Human Development * (12) PSYCHIATRIST * Seeing a Blue Diamond * Twenty-Five Doors to Meditation Reveals Many Meditation Techniques * Zen Master Hakuin Cures Himself with the So Cream Meditation * The Cardinal Spiritual Principle of Practice

5 The Five Aggregates Schema and the Various Levels of Consciousness
A Discussion of the Five Aggregates * The Stories of Vasubandhu and Asanga * Form Skandha * The Four Elements and Space * The Agglomeration of Form * The Parinispanna, Paratantra and Parikalpita Natures * Perceptible Form * Imperceptible Form * The Five Sense Organs * Ching-se Sentient Matter * The Three Natures of Reality * The True Nature of Reality * Sensation Skandha * Sri Yukteswar's Yang Shen Emanation Body and Jesus' Resurrection Body * Conception Skandha * Enlightened People are Aware During Dreams * Volition Skandha * Behavior and the Spiritual Path * Emptiness of Phenomena * 10 Omnipresent Factors * 11 Virtuous Mental Events * 6 Root Afflictions * 5 Deviant Perspectives * 20 Secondary Afflictions * 4 Variable Mental Events * Shen Tsan Helps Educate His Teacher * Non-associated Motivational Forces * States of No-Mind * Boundaries of the Skandhas * Consciousness Skandha * The 8 Consciousnesses * Sleeping, Death and Leaving Samadhi * The First Six Consciousnesses * The Seventh Consciousness * 4 Ego-centered Notions * The Eighth Alaya Consciousness * Xuan Zang in The Journey to the West * Avalokiteshvara's Meditation Method of Hearing * The Dharmadhatu and Tathagatagarbha * Reviewing the Five Skandhas * Great Mirror Wisdom * Equality Wisdom * Analytical Wisdom of Discernment * All-Accomplishing Action Wisdom * Spiritual Cultivation From the Aspect of the Skandhas

6 How to Correctly Interpret a Zen Master's Progressive Attainments
Vimalakirti Scolds Purnamaitrayaniputra * Han Shan Breaks Through the Form Skandha * Merit, Sexual Discipline, Emptiness * Ramakrishna and Ramana Maharshi * Guang Qin * Hui-Tzu is Found Inside a Tree Cultivating Samadhi * How To Arouse Someone From the State of Samadhi * Bodhisattva Candraprabha * Rainbow Bodies

7 The Spiritual Accomplishments of Four Famous Tibetan Adepts: Yeshe Tsogyel, Milarepa, Gampopa, and Machig Labdron
LADY YESHE TSOGYEL * Eight Severe Austerity Practices * When Chi Flows Cannot Meet * Master T'ien-wang Wu Floats on a Lotus Flower * Fa-jung of Ox Head Mountain * Jesus Disperses the Crowd of Stoning * Cultivation Tests * Return to Maidenhood and the Woman's Road of Cultivation * Confucius' Sequence of Cultivation Progress * MILAREPA * Kundalini Cultivation * Heavenly, Earthly and Human Dan * Food Intake During Cultivation * Wei Po-Yang's Explanation of Cultivation * Shape Shifting Versus the Yang Shen * GAMPOPA * Zen Master Huai-jang and Ma-tsu * The Complete Enlightenment Sutra and Immediate Enlightenment * Bliss, Illumination and No-Thought * Renewing the Brain * MACHIG LABDRON * Tibetan Empowerments and Real Initiations * Foundations of Chod

8 Kundalini Yoga, the Four Stages of Intensified Practice, and the Five Overall
Phases of the Spiritual Path

Kundalini in Chinese Culture * The Stage of Preparatory Practices * The 4 Steps of Prayoga * Stage of Warming * Stage of the Peak * Stage of Forbearance * Stage of Highest Worldly Dharma * How to Grade Yoga Achievements with the Four Stages of Prayoga * Empowerments * Cultivating Chi Through Breathing Practices * The Big Knife Wind * Makhafa Path of Islam and Way of Margaret in Christianity * The Equation of Spiritual Progress * Sexual Desire and Sexual Cultivation * Step-by-Step Spiritual Transformation

9 Essential Cultivation Principles Which Few People are Ever Taught
God, Buddha Nature, Allah and Other Equivalent Terms * The Three Buddha Bodies * Dharmakaya * Sambhogakaya * Nirmanakaya * How to Cultivate the Full Three Enlightenment Bodies * The Ceaseless Transformations of the Universe * The Characteristics of Form and Ultimate Nature * Nagarjuna's and Avalokiteshvara's Negations * Existence and Nonexistence * Ontology and Spiritual Practice * Behavior as the Ground, Means and Fruit of the Path * The Nature of Conscious Thought * Merit, Wisdom and Discipline Requirements in Spiritual Cultivation * Some Various Roads of Cultivation Practice

10 The Meditative Realms of the Nine Samadhi Absorptions
The Definition of Samadhi and Dhyana * Tien-tai 's Six Steps for Cultivating Samadhi * General Characteristics of the Dhyana * First Dhyana * Factors Inhibiting Samadhi * Methods for Attaining One-pointedness * Dhyana Stages of Joy and Bliss * Retreat Practice * Discipline Required of the Path * Desire Realm Heavens and Inhabitants * Ching-an State of Pre-Samadhi * Alexandrine Gnosticism * Second Dhyana * Third Dhyana * Fourth Dhyana * How Other Spiritual Schools Describe the Four Dhyana * The 5 Eyes of Wisdom * Various States of No-mind or No-Thought * Bardo States * The Four Formless Samadhi Absorptions * Samadhi of Infinite Space * Peach Blossom Enlightenment * Samadhi of Infinite Consciousness * Samadhi of Nothingness * Samadhi of No-Thought * Samadhi of Neither Thought Nor No-Thought * Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Steiner, Meister Eckhart, Padre Pio * Hakuin and Master Dokyo * Zen master Hseuh-tou Ch'in * Samadhi of Extinction * The Arhat's Fractional Nirvana of Remaining Dependency * When an Arhat Passes Away * Other Samadhi Attainments * Drowsiness * Buddhism as a Guide to Cultivation * Iron Ox Master Tieh Nieu * Stupid Emptiness Samadhi

11 Purifying the Skandhas and the Fifty Great Spiritual Paths of Delusion
Form Skandha Phenomena * Sensation Skandha Phenomena * Conception Skandha * Yang Shen Body * Eyes and Seeing * Clarity Within Dreams * Zen Misconceptions * Volition Skandha * Surveying Past Lives * The Whirling Force of Life * Consciousness Skandha * Buddha Gives Specific Warnings About the Paths of Delusion * 5 Skandha Pollutions * Complete Cultivation * Transmitting Spiritual Teachings * The Creation of Consciousness and the World * Gradually Exhausting the Skandhas

12 The Internal Principles of Cessation and Contemplation Are Embodied Within All Genuine Spiritual Practices
Yogacara and Consciousness-Only * Sandhinirmocana Sutra * Mahakashyapa Teaches Ananda * Nirvana Sutra * The 4 Methods of Cessation and Contemplation * 25 Variations of Cessation, Contemplation and Dhyana Practice * Zen Master Yung-ming's Lesson on Cessation and Contemplation

13 The Road of Tantric Cultivation for Opening the Sushumna Central Channel
Esoteric Practice Focuses on Things Outside of the Mind * The 7 Major Chakras * Chi Channels, Chi Flows, Habit Energies, and Superpowers * The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine * Various Schools Discuss the Chi and Chi Channels * An Introduction to Tibetan Esoteric Practices * The Tantric Tradition * Padmasambhava * The Resultant and Causal Vehicles * Stigmata * Master Tsong Khapa * The Yoga of Marks * The Yoga Without Marks * Generation and Completion Stage Yogas * The Stage of Generation * The Stage of Completion * Specialization of the Tantras * A Short Analysis of the Tantric Tradition * When Chi Enters the Central Channel * Biophysics of the Cultivation Path * The Four Blisses * The Four Empties * Ways of Accidentally Seeing the Tao * Signs that Chi is Entering the Central Channel * Useful Cultivation Practices * Sexual Cultivation * Consciousness Rides on Chi * Drops * Tibetan Bardo Yogas * Comparing Spiritual Schools and Their Stages of Cultivation * Incorruptibility and Sariras * Requesting Enlightened Beings to Help You in Your Cultivation * Matching the Esoteric and Orthodox Paths

14 The Great Learning, Confucian Cultivation, and the Way to Actualize Universal Salvation
Blind Faith and Superstition * Confucian Cultivation * Tan Fu and Moses * The Chinese Exodus * The Great Learning * Ming De Bright Virtue * Qin Min Loving the People * Zhi Resting in the Highest Good * The Seven Step Confucian Process for Attaining Samadhi * Transforming the World with Personal Spiritual Cultivation * Bringing Peace to the World Through the Mastery of Self-Cultivation * Purifying Your Behavior * Modern Science Lags Behind Cultivation Science * The Path Ahead

Appendix The "Warning to Cultivators" Chapter of the Surangama Sutra


This is a virtual tour de force of various non-denominational ways to measure the extent of someone's meditation progress and how to apply this information to your own cultivation efforts.

It even contains specific meditations for breaking through each level of spiritual attainment! If you've been looking for cultivation methods to try, but also WHY and HOW they work, this is the manual you need to get. It's not tiresome to read, but a treasure to read...

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For the past few years I have been extremely interested in Meditation, All Spiritual Practice and Eastern Thought. I have read everything I could get my hands on. And you know that all but a handful of books really got to the heart of the matter. Generally for the most part I have always felt a little cold after reading those books. Either the material was so obtuse or I became rather bored with the mental gymnastics or the slanted party line - our way is the only way cliches. Finally I have some really good news to report. I came across the web site www.meditationexpert and I must tell you that it is one of the most exciting things to happen in a long long time.

First of all the author, although he touches upon all these various cultivation schools, Eastern as well as Western, he always comes across more universal, nondenominational and it rings true. And the material is so precise and so clear that I decided after reading the many, many articles they post for free to purchase their ebook Measuring Meditation. Although this was a little costly, the material is the genuine article. And quite frankly the money you'll save after you purchase this lengthy manual will prove a sound and wise investment. I can assure you will not need any other books for a long, long time.

Here the author begins by a challenge in laying out a blueprint to correctly measure and interpret our spiritual Progress. In the next chapter he's explaining by way of an Indian system which, as he says, "explains the total psycho-physical personality that we call the self". And where you might image that things are getting a little confusing, without mixing but rather blending the author introduces Taoist Kung fu ideas and practices. In another chapter he begins to pace through the use of case studies all that up till now, strange and sometimes weird phenomena we happen to come across when delving more deeply into these subjects. This chapter is extraordinary in its explanations and descriptions.

Quite frankly I do not think there is anything that even approaches this material. Then there is the chapters on Consciousness and its various levels, Interpretations of historical Zen Masters and there accomplishments and attainments, Tibetan Adepts, Yoga practices, Meditation, what is Samadhi, Chakras, Chi, Western Philosophical and Cultivation Schools, Tantra, Confucius and on and on. And never is it without science be it chemistry of the body, physiology and awakening, nutrition, biology, physics. It's enough to scramble your head and then re-orientate it. Perhaps that's this Zen master's technique. In any event it's working.

There is such a wealth of information and so clear that I really can't say enough. It's really a roadmap to the higher. I can't praise it enough and you know how cynical I can be. Something here like no other books rings bright and true. I finally feel that I'm on to a way to understanding myself and the many questions I have. At last, there seems to be a means to pursue this search. If you do nothing else just look into this material, you won't be disappointed.

Tom Schmall
New York

"I often think when I look at my esoteric library which five or ten books I would grab in a fire, clearly there is little confusion there now."

I too and many others find my self in the position of an unending hunger for the Realization of Self, having spent ten years on the path, studying with many schools and some teachers of varying degree's of Realization, having consumed hundreds of books searching for that Divine contact.

Many have assisted me greatly but none more so than " Measuring Meditation "... The author obviously is one of profound personal experience and in possession of the intricate subtleties of "Truth" which comes only from years of meditation experience and concentrated study with the assistance of a genuine master. My awareness has tapped next level teachings and progress as a result of Bill's book " Measuring Meditation ", I now feel more prepared to continue my meditations and more confident in my ability to one day realize the "Truth" of who I am. In my humble opinion, I would recommend this book to any who is in the same position as me, you will not regret it.

You know its funny, I often think when I look at my esoteric library which five or ten books I would grab in a fire, clearly there is little confusion there now.

Adam West
Brisbane, Australia

"What appeared to be magic (miracle) is logic to me now"

The most enchanting ebook i have ever come across. Each topic has been written, and i must say researched thoroughly. Being an ardent reader and researcher of sufism, i was always stunned and appalled reading the miracles of the Sufi saints. Walking on the water, forty days long fast, levitation and being in two to three places are some of the miracles mentioned performed by these saints.

All this phenomena has been nicely explained in " How to Measure... " step by step in the topic of cultivation of Jing, Chi and Shen. So basically what appeared to be magic (miracle) is logic to me now.

The 12 study case topic is the heart of this e book. By comparing with there experiences i know where i stand in my meditation practice.

This book is a must for every spiritual aspirant. It has surely quenched my thirst for all my meditation querries and replaced my need to find a meditation teacher.

Mohamed Nadeem
Mombasa. Kenya

"The case studies are worth the price of this book ten times over. This stuff is absolutely amazing and makes a riveting read. If you really want to understand what kundalini and samadhi mean -- well look no further. And speaking frankly, you won't find this material anywhere else."

I picked up How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization and literally could not put it down. It is a unique one-of-kind sourcebook on meditation techniques and methodologies ... [In fact] it is the clearest exposition available today on meditation techniques and methodologies. I would wager a guess that much of the material presented was previously kept hidden from the general public.

As with his previous books, the author takes a "no holds barred" approach; all the so-called "secrets" are laid bare. I remember reading many years ago, initiates of the Tibet school would have to wait up to twenty years before their Guru would confer upon them the "advanced" teachings; the exact same information that you will find in this book!

The case studies are worth the price of this book ten times over. This stuff is absolutely amazing and makes a riveting read. If you really want to understand what kundalini and samadhi mean -- well look no further. And speaking frankly, you won't find this material anywhere else.

There are few people in the world today qualified to discuss this immense subject. The author is one of those rare individuals.

Gerard de Condappa

For Yet More Testimonials ...

This 14 chapter course, which contains over 350,000 words in 705 pages, would cost several thousand dollars for seminars necessary to teach it. The rare contents

  • It took me over 7 years to write it
  • Required the cooperative efforts of over a dozen editors, interviewers and translators
  • Contain the insights of many spiritual masters, and I've especially summarized the applied teachings and insights of Zen, Taoist, Confucian and Esoteric master Nan Huai-Chin, who is probably the only remaining enlightened Chinese Zen master alive today and who is also recognized as an enlightened master by the Esoteric Buddhist school
  • Analyze dozens of cases of advanced and ordinary spiritual practitioners
  • Contain the famous "Warning to Practitioners" chapter of the Surangama Sutra which we privately commissioned famous translator, Douglas Wile, to personally translate especially for you (This alone is worth the price of the manual)
  • Are so jam packed with information I have collected over the years from various sources and personal study that multiple publishers refused to print it ... a publisher commented that they'd have to turn it into 9-10 different books at $25-35 each - at the minimum - in order to do it justice. Why wait? You can have all that material at your fingertips right now.

When we tell you that hardly anyone in the spiritual field knows any of this material on meditation techniques and spiritual progress ... despite the fact that this information is the true heart of cultivation practice, it's true! Take a look again at just the case studies you downloaded from Chapter 4, and ask yourself if you know of anyone who can answer questions like this.

Having dealt with hundreds of monks of various traditions, I can tell you that when you ask those who are supposed to be in the know -- whether they are teaching vipassana, mindfulness meditation, Taoism, Zen, Tibetan vajrayana, yoga or tantra techniques -- about many of the techniques and topics contained in this course, they'll just stare back at you with a blank face. They absolutely cannot answer your questions as this course material can.

People always say that when you are ready your master will appear. This the material that will qualify you for gaining a real master's attention. If you read this material, you're light-years ahead of the crowd and you become somebody that a teacher really wants to teach.

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