Articles on advanced spiritual and meditation teachings including how to meditate, Zen, Buddhism, Taoism, Christian mysticism, Jewish and Islamic cultivation, vipassana and mantra practice, peak performance, karma, changing your fate, mind-body medicine, consciousness and cognition studies, comparative religion, chakras and kundalini, and the paranormal metaphysical experiences ("gong-fu" or "kung-fu") normally encountered on the spiritual trail.

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Meditation Techniques
Various methods of meditation, including mantra, visualization, kundalini awakening, vipassana, and other meditation lessons. Here's what they are, and here's how to practice them.

Zen and Tao
All about Zen, Buddhism, and obtaining self-realization. Sutras and basic information on the highest stages of the spiritual path, which involve realizing your fundamental nature (God, Buddhanature, Allah, Brahman, the Tao, or however else you are predisposed to word it).

Religions and Their Non-denominational Cultivation Practices
Christian, Moslem, Jewish, Advaita Vedanta, Shingon, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Socratic, Confucian, and other types of spiritual cultivation. Funny ...they're all doing the same thing. Now why didn't anyone tell us that? Here's how to actually see the connections.

Advanced Meditation Yoga and Kung-fu Transformations
So you start meditating and make progess, your chi channels and chakras start to open, and then you start experiencing all these strange phenomena. What are they, how are they categorized, and how do you pass through them? How do you cultivate this type of kung-fu (gongfu) if you want it?

Paranormal and Supernatural Experiences and Phenomena
The "mysterious" things people talk about always have scienctific principles behind them, and it's just that people don't know these principles. That's why something is termed "supernatural" or "paranormal" in the first place. But after you understand the principles and science ...

Consciousness Studies
What is consciousness and how do you study it? What do the cultivation schools say, such as Buddhism and Vedanta, rather than researchers who just study thoughts rather than Mind? Neuroscience and cognitive science exponents, jump in here to see how to link non-duality with modern findings ...

Health and Relaxation
Everything you need to know about health and anti-aging, alternative therapies, forbidden cures and various ways to get healthy and stay healthy without drugs or pharmaceuticals. The "forbidden" and secret cures you always hear about. Funny that they work! And by the way, meditation is a sure help for cancer, hypertension, stress and longevity.

Life Wisdom
To succeed at cultivation you have to be practical, use your brain, and recognize reality for what it is. Too bad people have the tendency to sugar coat things and stop using their critical thinking, or they join the dreamy "love all the way around" crowd. In cultivation, you need to be aware and be wise, and kno whow the world really works, not how people say it works or how it works according to the picture they're painting.

Self-Improvement, Self-Cultivation and a Better Life
There's a whole body of self-help, positive thinking, self-improvement, self-actualization, NLP and other literature out there to help you improve yourself and get ahead in life. This is what I believe... which takes karma, merit and practical disciplined achievement into account. Yes, you can flip your karma, but it's hard to do unless you have a way. Now you'll know how.

Ethical Business
A meaningful life includes an ethical, virtuous livelihood. A "life purpose" means fulfilling a personal calling or set of vows you choose, which may or may not intersect with your business life. If your means of livelihood and income cannot focus on your life purpose, then you have to work at acomplishing them in other ways. As to business, the two basics of business are innovation and marketing. Here's how to improve both and combine them with the spiritual path.

Martial Arts
The higher aspects of martial arts. How to link spiritual practice with martial arts, cultivate your chi, breath work, sports visualization, peak performance, and internal cultivation methods. From the physical, to the breathing, to internal alchemy, to the Tao ... whether you learning tai chi, want to develop super kung-fu abilities, or are practicing to be a ninja!



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